Reduce Support Costs with Straygoat Technical Author Services

Imagine if you bought a product that came complete with exceptional user guides and online help. How would it feel if every time you needed a little guidance or extra information, it was right there at your finger tips, written in a clear style that is easy to understand? Even better, what if you could access the information at any time of the day, and can even get it on your smartphone? You’d be pretty impressed, right? Well that is exactly the customer experience I can help your business provide.

Working as a technical author in the Midlands, I create high quality user guides, online help, wiki articles and training material that can:

  • Reduce your customer support costs
  • Improve your customers’ experience of your products
  • Enhance your brand
  • Add value to your products and services
  • Reduce the cost and time involved when training new staff.

With a degree in Technical Communication and over 18 years’ experience, I know exactly what it takes to produce clear, effective, and user-friendly documentation. Beginning from the perspective of your target audience, I will identify their needs and expectations, and then create documentation that is clear, concise, and communicates using terms they understand. With this information available at any time, either as user guides or online help, your customers can achieve their goals and enjoy your products to the full, without calling customer support.

About Me

CraigWrightTechnicalAuthorHello, I’m Craig Wright, an experienced technical author (technical writer) and copywriter, and director of StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd. I’m the man who will make sure your online help, manuals, and wikis meet your users’ needs and promote the benefits of your products and services.

Why should you choose me? Because I’ve got the knowledge, technical writing abilities, and people skills to get the job done, and done right. I’ve been in the game for 19 years, so know how to produce quality documentation and as a fellow of the ISTC, I keep up-to-date with best practices and the latest ideas. Oh, I have a BA Hons in Technical Communication too, but that seems so long ago now!

Documentation Tools and Experience

Most customers and recruiters want to know what help authoring tools (HATs) I use, so here we go: MadCap Flare, Atlassian Confluence, Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, and Adobe InDesign. I am also due to take a course in Adobe Captivate, so will be using that to create e-learning soon.

My favourite tool is MadCap Flare, which I use to create HTML5 online help and PDFs (I am a certified MadCap Advanced Developer for Flare 11, so you can trust me to make your Flare project a success). I also use Atlassian Confluence regularly and have created lots of wiki-style documentation pages for customers.

Hire a Freelance Technical Author

If you have tried to hire a contract or freelance  technical author in the past, you may have been deterred by agency fees. So here’s a welcome alternative – hire me directly and cut out the middle man. I can work for you on a contract or freelance basis, depending on your requirements, and am available to work across the Midlands (both East Midlands and West Midlands). To discuss your project, please get in touch today.

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Currently working on:

MadCap Flare Online Help for NHS Out of Hours Service.

Next Expected Vacancy: September 2016