Friday , 30 January 2015

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Using JavaScript and jQuery Scripts in MadCap Flare

You can use JavaScript and jQuery scripts to customise your Flare HTML5 output in many different ways, including adding menus, animated sections and much more. To implement these features, you will need to need to know where your scripts can be used, which is what I’m going to cover in this article. (You’ll also need to learn about the language… Read More »

Fellow of the ISTC…and now the obligatory CPD

Committed to Continuing Professional Development in Technical Communication In January 2015, I was accepted as a fellow of the ISTC  (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators). My new status means that I now have to satisfy the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements of the ISTC to show that I continue to develop my skills as a technical communicator. What does this… Read More »

Making it Easier to Convert Flare TOCs into HTML

Did you know that there is a way to convert the TOC in Flare into a regular HTML list? It is something I discovered on the MadCap Flare forums, in a post by Dave Lee. There, he explained that you can use an XML transformation to turn Flare’s regular TOC file into a bog-standard HTML UL list. If you are… Read More »

“Technical Writing’s Dead, Get into E-Learning”

“I can’t believe you are still doing that. Technical writing’s dead, get into e-learning.” Not my words, but the words of a former technical writer who moved on to work in information design. Usually, comments like this are like water off a duck’s back, but this time something jarred with me. So I decided to ask some learning professionals about… Read More »

Technical Writing Tools – Do You Need to Know Every Tool?

Have you ever felt yourself becoming overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to learn? Join the club. Since quitting the day job as an employed technical writer and trying my hand at contracting, I’ve been compelled to learn more about a variety of Help Authoring Tools and technical communication principles, ideas, etc.  Like an idiot, I’ve tried to… Read More »